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From birth we learn that it’s better to lie when caught, than throw ourselves under the bus; even when we are engaging in activities we like.  You see, self gratification is promoted, yet vilified in society.  On the one hand we are encouraged to be self sacrificing meeklings; yet questioned if we bypass exactly what turns us on.  When we stand in denial of what we truly enjoy, eventually we find ways to get what we want: good, bad, or ugly.  Though spiritual beliefs became a catalytic, protesting same-sex marriage as wrong, I imagine many who walked with Bishop Eddie Long suffered from the same struggle; this turns me on, but I’ll lose everything if I acknowledge.  If Bishop Long likes sexual relationships with males, clearly, it turns him on.  Yes, he’s married.  Yes, he’s a wealthy megapreacher.  Yes, he’s “supposed” to hold the moral compass above all else human.  Yet his creative means of achieving gratification possibly came at the expense of impressionable young men, their parents, and a congregation that forgot that he is only a conduit of God’s word; not God incarnate.  Thus, it appears as if Bishop Eddie Long’s status as a leading megapreacher in the Black community will slowly diminish less the money and status he has reveled in.  However, one may be surprised to find him even happier when the smoke clears.  For he can be exactly who he is, and has been to many, for the rest of his life.  Honestly,  aren’t we all on a quest to be ourselves?