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One day I had the television off for a few hours… it was peaceful.  The constant chatter of news, bad news, politics, crime and reality shows was silenced.  This got me to thinking about how much we interact with television, and less with each other.  For example, how many times have we heard, “Don’t call me during my show?” or called someone just to receive a conversation of umm-hmms when their show is on?  Thanks to caller ID, one could be completely obliterated from contact when someone’s show is on.  Question is, what’s so important about your “show”…the show where ownership and programming is in the hands of someone who may not look like you, care about your concerns, or rub elbows with you and anyone who looks like you?  In fact, what if Black folk stopped watching television so much so that more reading became the cause de’resistance?  Maybe some of our boys/men will abandoned pipe dreams and focus; Maybe some of our girls/women will be more thought provoking in their choices.  Maybe some of our mothers/fathers will do less escaping in the tv and face the issues in their marriage and/or families.  Maybe.  In that silenced living room, I read more, wrote more, thought more.  And maybe, just maybe I’ll watch less television, so I can further get my act together…for real, I didn’t miss the television all that much.