Nicki Minaj…I’m a fan

Posted: December 18, 2010 in BlackFace
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Feminist watch out!  Black community, don’t fret!!  Before I am declared a lost soul of commercialism and misogynist, let me be clear.  Liking Nicki Minaj does not make me shortsighted, narrow-minded, or…crazy.  It makes me observant.  Critiquing only the coping mechanism of a woman whose Mom left Trinidad for “greener pastures” only to be met with the brick and mortar of the projects; and to deal with her father’s crack addiction.  She made her way.  Making a way.  Realizing that though her career may last tentatively, she’s making the best of it….a true to life hustler, entrepreneur, lover of life.  Yep, she’s doing it well!  Maybe some are a little perturbed, not so much by her blatant, extreme sensuality, or brazen sexuality – but by her ability to pull it off gracefully.  Encompassing the wisdom of a 40 year old, she has decided to live  doing exactly what makes her happy – the ultimate key to life . I’m a fan Nicki Minaj!


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