Professional Black Men and Women…why they need to marry each other

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Love and Marriage...professionally
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JD, Ph.D., MD, MBA.  Let’s face it.  When African American men and women achieve this type of academic credential and meet each other, the attenaes go up!  The assumption: he or she understands exactly what I am going through.  Ok, me stop playing – TRANSLATION: Someone on my level!  Arguments arise: Black women are too picky; Black women need to lower their standards; Black women need to understand that the majority of brothers are working class.  Black men don’t want a Black woman with the same credentials as they.  Black men at that level are already married…to White women!  However, professional Black men are also on a search for a Black woman who essentially “gets it”: Her intellect, social graces, Mercedes/BMW/etc., and mortgaged property are subtle indications that she has a 6-figure income, a 401K and knows what to do with it.  Of course we’re not as naive to believe that all those things a great partner makes; but it’s a great beginning!  The struggles are similar; the expectation to be 10 times better is critical to upward mobility; and to be that beacon of success to the remaining Black family and community who is on the way, is a pressure both understand.  How nice would it be for each to find one another to weather the storm with while enjoying the fruits of their labor; lifting while they climb:  To be that support and shoulder to cry on; to allow that Black man to be the leader in his household when his authority at work is consistently undermined; to allow that woman to shine in the boardroom – but for her to acquire the wisdom to turn it off when she gets home.  More than a great financial statement, a home in an exclusive community, and an access never imagined, Black professionals need each other as they move toward the mark…more than many may believe.


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